The Many Faces & Colors of India

MMullins_6Meredith Mullins who was with me in India and, as you have already seen in my first four India blogs, takes fabulous photos of everything, but especially people.MMullins_7  I really want to share with you more of the wonderful faces and colors of India, captured mostly by Meredith to whom this blog is dedicated.  You can see much more of her work on her website:

Enjoy & I hope you can join me on the next India adventure!

MMullins_4MMullins_16  MMullins_17  MMullins_15      MMullins_19   MMullins_18         MMullins_23MMullins_24  MMullins_26  MMullins_27  MMullins_28  MMullins_29  MMullins_30  MMullins_31  MMullins_13  MMullins_11  MMullins_10MMullins_9  MMullins_8  MMullins_5  MMullins_3  MMullins_2  MMullins_1  MMullins_20


MMullins_12MMullins_21    MMullins_22MMullins_14

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