L’Envie du Jour – Today’s Desire!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon and evening with Chef Sergio Dias in his restaurant, L’Envie du Jour, which loosely translated means, “what I desire or crave today”!  We arrived at 5 pm and had the chef, his wife and his restaurant to ourselves until 9:30 pm!

Together, 8 of us cooked 3 dishes: Shrimp, celery root, and orange gelée, fresh cod with confited fennel, endive and beets and lastly 2 types of crème brûlée, orange and coffee, all scrumptious.L'Envie du Jour_1

L'Envie du Jour_2  L'Envie du Jour_3

And then, we had the pleasure of sitting down and enjoying the fruits of our labor with our talented and delightful chef, Sergio.  He is a master of everything, but is especially good at cooking fish perfectly.  If you are in Paris, run on over to 106 rue Nollett and see for yourself.  At lunch, the special of the day with a glass of wine & coffee is only 16 euros!

L'Envie du Jour_4

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