Fabulous Food and Fountains in Versailles

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of spending the day in Versailles beginning with a fabulous lunch at the newly opened restaurant, La Table du 11. The chef , Jean-Baptiste LaVergne Morazzni, is only 23 years old and is a genius in the kitchen

Versailles_1We feasted on a mackerel and avocado salad and the most succulent, delicious farm-raised chicken with white asparagus imaginable.  The white asparagus were cooked and shaved. Versailles_2 Versailles_3 Dessert was a mango and coconut dream and all of this was 35 euros!


The musical fountains at Versailles after lunch were equally magical.  If you are in Paris this summer, I highly recommend you experience the musical fountains and Jean-Baptiste’s cooking, which is possible every Saturday.  In the fall, he and I will be doing a cooking class and lunch on a Monday with the restaurant is closed.  Stay tuned for more information!




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