A Day in Paris with Patti

Enjoy a cup of coffee with Patti in the heart of Paris where Patti offers insights to local and favorite sites. After breakfast, walk through the Square des Batignolles, an exquisite little neighborhood park, before going on to a delightful, delicious covered market nearby.
After the market visit, you have three possibilities:

1. A return to Patti’s apartment for a personally and carefully prepared delicious lunch.

2. A cooking class and lunch at L’Atelier Guy Martin, the cooking school of Michelin 2-star chef Guy Martin.

3. A 3-course lunch with Patti at one of her favorite restaurants, which includes wine and an opportunity to meet the chef.

If you would like to spend an evening with Patti as a separate activity, there are two possibilities:

1. A gourmet dinner at the Ravenscroft’s Paris apartment with Patti and her husband, Kent. We will begin with aperitifs and continue with a first course, main course, cheese, and dessert, all paired with delicious wines.

2. Dinner with Patti at a restaurant of your choice. Patti will make the reservation and dine with you, helping you select the very best food and wine the restaurant has to offer. Patti can also arrange shopping tours in Paris for antiques, fashion, and home decorations. ‘A Day with Patti in Paris’ can be scheduled any day but Monday (the Market is closed) when Patti is in Paris between early October and early May.

This is ideal for 2-6 travelers.

Pricing is based on travelers’ custom desires, which generally ranges from 100 € – 250 € ($130 – $325) per day, including food and wine.

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